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Лента ременная пиксель

Belt tape MM14 pixel

Camouflage tape MM 14, Ukrainian pixel, is made on jacquard loom by interlacing dyed polyamide yarns. Belt tape pixel MM 14 harmonizes well with almost all used fabrics. It does not fade when exposed to sunlight and has excellent abrasion resistance.

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Лента ременная полиамидная

Polyamide belt tapes

Polyamide belt tapes are characterized by sufficient strength, high wear resistance, as well as resistance to environmental influences. Therefore, polyamide belt tapes have used widely in tailoring of military ammunition. To produce body armor, backpacks, bags, pouches, TPUB (tactical protective unloading belt), sleeping bags, trouser belts, etc. polyamide tape belts are used 20, 25, 30, […]

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Polypropylene belt tapes

Polypropylene belt tapes, unlike polyamide belts, have significantly lower strength. But due to the lower cost, polypropylene tapes are widely used in the manufacture of various haberdashery products, for the production of sports equipment

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Ленты ременные полиэфирные

Polyester belt tapes

Polyester belt tapes are made mainly from high strength polyester fibers . The main advantages of polyester belt tapes are high wear resistance and minimal water absorption. This allows the tapes not to lose strength when it’s wet. Polyester belt tapes are widely used in the manufacture of safety belts (industrial mountaineering), heavy lifting slings, etc.

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Ленты окантовочные

Edging tapes

Edging tapes are made of various types of materials: polypropylene, polyester or polyamide.

The type of
weaving can be: 

– rep weave

– plain weave

– twill weave

Edging tapes play a very important role in the clothing industry. They are designed to protect the edges of the fabric, to give the product an esthetic appearance, as well as to strengthen and hide the seams on the product.

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Ленты для страховочных систем

Tapes for safety systems

Tapes for safety systems are made exclusively of high-strength polyamide or polyester yarns, which gives the tapes high wear resistance and excellent resistance to environmental influences. A feature of tapes for safety systems is lightness and softness with fairly high strength indicators. Tapes are made of various width, colors and with a wide range of breaking loads.

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Ленты эластичные

Elastic tapes (elastic bands)

Elastic tapes (elastic bands) are made mainly of polyester or polyamide (nylon) threads. The basis for elastic tapes is a latex thread, which gives the tape elasticity.

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National tapes, finishing

National tapes are made of polyester and / or lurex threads, rep weave. This type of weave gives the tapes a beautiful appearance and high density. National tapes are used for the production of medals, awards, for decoration of various types of goods.

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Cushion edging

The edging is a woven ribbon of plain weave, on one edge of which there is a thickening in the form of a lace. Edging is mainly made from polyester threads, but variations in the composition of the raw material are possible.

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Mattress tape

Mattress tapes are designed for edging the mattresses, blankets, mattress covers, rugs and pillows. Mattress tape is also called edging mattress.

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